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Lots of great questions about The Nyima Bakery! Here are some FAQs:

Where did the name of the bakery come from & how the heck do you pronounce it? The Nyima Bakery (pronounced “Nee-mah“) is named after our German Shepherd, Nyima.  He passed away at the great old age of 13 in March 2011 & we launched the bakery in October 2011. 

Do you have a storefront? No. Unfortunately, we don’t, but we are online & ship nationwide!

Do you ship internationally? We can! Email us.

Do we send samples? Yes.  All you have to do is ask.

Do you stock treats? NO! All treats are made to order.

How did you come up with the “Rescue of the Month” program? Honestly, it started when I read a blog from Seattle Dog Spot about rescues needing help.  Fostering/adopting, emergency vet bills, food…some really tragic situations for these innocent dogs.  Rescues & shelters are doing such amazing things in trying to find these special pets their forever homes.  I really wanted to help. Every dollar makes a difference for these guys.  We start off with an initial donation and 10% of all online orders goes back to our Rescue of the Month.  We try to help raise awareness and funds for them! We launched this program in mid-February, 2012. Our first Rescue of the Month was A Paw Up Rescue, in Prosser, WA! We partnered with LaCroix Tees (aka Rescued is My Favorite Breed!) to do some great tshirts with a very important message….”Save a Life…Adopt a Pet!” FIVE DOLLARS from every shirt sold goes to our Rescue of the Month beneficiary! Awesome!

Is there certain criteria that a rescue or shelter has to meet to be a Rescue of the Month beneficiary? No. We’ve had a few rescues approach us to be beneficiaries and the answer is Yes!  A Rescue a Month is what we aim for!  Every little bit we can do means a lot to a dog or cat looking for their forever home.

What is the shelf-life for The Nyima Bakery treats? Approx. 3-4 weeks in an airtight container.  You can refrigerate them for 3 months and freeze them up to 6. We use no preservatives, additives or colors in our treats.  I always tell people to treat them like you would your own baked goods.

What kind of ingredients do you use?  Organic. Natural. You can eat these treats yourself! (they’re a bit dry…but tasty!)

Do you do cakes?  We do! But right now they are only available in the greater Seattle area.  Check out our cake order form for information. We’d love to make a cake to celebrate your pup’s special day!

Do you have any treats in retail shops? Yes! Some amazing shops:  Health Mutt, Le Chic Pet Boutique & SpaB.I. Barkery, & 2 doggie friendly cafes, Issaquah Coffee Co. & Lucky Jack’s Latte

Who are you?  My name is Kim Scott - full-time office job by day & baker, marketer, & PR for The Nyima Bakery by night & weekends! I’m a mom of 3 great kids (Julia 20, Vincent 13, & Ava 17 months) & I’m married to a wonderful man & native Seattle-ite, Jaison. We have 2 rescues, Stella & Cooper.

Thank you for all you support & for helping us raise awareness & funds for rescues! We love that your pups love our treats!


Leashes & Collars…Who Knew it Could Make Such a Difference!

The other day I read a post from our Rescue of the Month, Last Hope K9 Rescue, asking for some gently used leashes & collars for their fosters & rescues.  I reached out to Valhalla Rescue as well and come to find out they too were running short on leashes and collars. It never occurred to me that they could ever run short on something like that or that they wouldn’t have extra money to buy them; but they do.  Let’s face it, all of the animal rescues around the nation struggle just to meet day to day costs so sadly the simple things that we would take for granted, like leashes, collars, treats & new beds are a luxury for these organizations.

I wanted to help so I decided to put an email out to a few distribution lists at my day job for gently used collars & leashes. I figured someone may have one or two laying around.  Well, you wouldn’t believe the number of responses I received from people wanting to donate not just used, but new collars & leashes for these pups!  I was overwhelmed by the generosity.  It was a fundraiser that cost no money (except a minimal amount to ship the box to the rescue), it took 5 minutes to email out the request, & about 10 minutes going to a few offices to them up.  Most people happily delivered them to my desk.

I thought I would pass this on as a simple idea for a fundraiser that can make such a huge difference. Take a  moment and send your favorite rescue(s) an email to see if they’re running low on the basics…collars, leashes…even treats and hold a mini-fundraiser at your job, neighborhood, or even your gym.  Encourage your favorite pet shop to hold a buy a leash/donate a leash program.  There are some great deals to be had at Ross, Marshalls, clearance bins at your local pet supply stores.

Suggesting a fundraiser like this is sure to warm a lot of hearts & will give these pups that are looking for their furrever homes a new leash on life.

Meet our May Rescue of the Month Beneficiary – Last Hope K9 Rescue!

Meet our May Rescue of the Month: Last Hope K9 Rescue based in MA.   

They launched in February of this year with a mission: to save every possible dog  from being euthanized within high-volume kill shelters throughout the U.S., lobby for animal rights, & enrich human lives through canine companionship. So far they’ve placed 37 dogs in their furever homes!  Be sure to follow them on Face Book for updates & more!

Our Rescue of the Month beneficiary receives 10% of all online orders to help in their efforts.  Grab some yummy, homemade treats for your pup and you’ll be supporting Last Hope K9 Rescue.  Not only can you help through the bakery, but if you’re cruisin’ around’s website check out their Wish List!  We couldn’t help but send a comfy bed over for one of their foster pups to enjoy.

Thank you all for supporting our Rescue of the Month program & raising awareness for all animal rescues!  We know they can all use some help so we are taking this on one rescue at a time.