A dog, a kitchen and a funny name.

That’s really what started the Nyima bakery. Nyima is pronounced “Neeh-Mah” and it was the name of our very special German Shepard. This is him sitting still for a rare pose on a visit to eastern Washington.



He was such a great dog.

Nyima was the first taste tester in our  kitchen in Issaquah Washington. He would often wander in and show those big, brown puppy dog eyes. How could I resist?!

Looking at the packages of treats out on the market I wondered…can all these things I can’t pronounce be good for him & how can they sit on the shelf for so long – what in the world can be in these things!?  I wanted to create treats for dogs that not only they would love, but as “their person”, you would feel good feeding to them. I decided to create recipes that were simple & make them with only natural and organic ingredients. So, In October 2011, named after our beloved German Shepherd, Nyima, we launched our bakery!

The Nyima Bakery’s mission is to create great tasting treats that aren’t filled with preservatives and other things you can’t pronounce.  Each treat is made to order using only natural and organic ingredients.   No preservatives, additives or artificial colors.

So, thank you very much for visiting us here online, and we hope you enjoy your shopping experience. Be sure to check out our blog posts for updates on stores that carry Nyima Bakery treats in the Washington area or for events and contests we help sponsor.
Feel free to drop us a line, we love to hear from folks and we are happy to take special requests.

Sincere thanks from our family,

Kim Scott

Owner of The Nyima Bakery.






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