Leashes & Collars…Who Knew it Could Make Such a Difference!

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The other day I read a post from our Rescue of the Month, Last Hope K9 Rescue, asking for some gently used leashes & collars for their fosters & rescues.  I reached out to Valhalla Rescue as well and come to find out they too were running short on leashes and collars. It never occurred to me that they could ever run short on something like that or that they wouldn’t have extra money to buy them; but they do.  Let’s face it, all of the animal rescues around the nation struggle just to meet day to day costs so sadly the simple things that we would take for granted, like leashes, collars, treats & new beds are a luxury for these organizations.

I wanted to help so I decided to put an email out to a few distribution lists at my day job for gently used collars & leashes. I figured someone may have one or two laying around.  Well, you wouldn’t believe the number of responses I received from people wanting to donate not just used, but new collars & leashes for these pups!  I was overwhelmed by the generosity.  It was a fundraiser that cost no money (except a minimal amount to ship the box to the rescue), it took 5 minutes to email out the request, & about 10 minutes going to a few offices to them up.  Most people happily delivered them to my desk.

I thought I would pass this on as a simple idea for a fundraiser that can make such a huge difference. Take a  moment and send your favorite rescue(s) an email to see if they’re running low on the basics…collars, leashes…even treats and hold a mini-fundraiser at your job, neighborhood, or even your gym.  Encourage your favorite pet shop to hold a buy a leash/donate a leash program.  There are some great deals to be had at Ross, Marshalls, clearance bins at your local pet supply stores.

Suggesting a fundraiser like this is sure to warm a lot of hearts & will give these pups that are looking for their furrever homes a new leash on life.

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  1. Last Hope K9 Rescue says:


    We can’t thank you enough. You have no idea how big of a help these leashes and collars are. Our pups and our foster families thank you and you generous distributors. We are so grateful for all the help and support you and Nyima have given us. We are fortunate to have partners like.

    Kisses from the pups,
    Last Hope K9 Rescue

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